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Oil field workers operate in some of the most hazardous industrial environments and are routinely exposed to a variety of potentially dangerous substances. Crude oil, drilling fluids, and various chemicals used in the extraction process all pose significant risks to workers’ health and safety when mishandled. 

If you suffered injuries or health complications because of exposure to harmful substances at work, you could be entitled to compensation and should not wait to get legal advice. At Simon Perdue, we provide personalized and results-driven representation to injured oil field workers. Our New Mexico oil field chemical exposure lawyers are skilled investigators, negotiators, and litigators, and we are ready to put our experience and resources to work for you. We do not give up and will fight to get you the maximum compensation you need and deserve.

Chemical exposure cases can be complicated, so do not hesitate to seek legal guidance if you have questions about your rights and legal options. Contact us online or call (505) 588-5962 to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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How Dangerous Chemical Exposure Happens in New Mexico Oil Fields

Dangerous exposure to chemicals in oil fields can result in many types of injuries and health complications for workers. Safety protocols and gear are designed to protect workers from the worst consequences of their unavoidable proximity to hazardous substances, but equipment failure, machinery malfunctions, human error, and even basic carelessness can all cause harmful exposure. 

Chemical exposure can frequently cause immediate, acute injuries in many scenarios. Chemical burns, for instance, can occur when skin comes into direct contact with corrosive substances found in drilling fluids or if spills occur with acidic or caustic cleaning agents. Inhalation of toxic fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause respiratory irritation, difficulty breathing, and, in extreme cases, chemical pneumonia – a severe inflammation of the lungs caused by inhaling irritant chemicals.

In addition to acute injuries, long-term exposure to the hazardous chemicals present in oil fields can lead to chronic health complications. Persistent contact with carcinogenic compounds found in crude oil may increase the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer, such as leukemia or skin cancer, especially when exposure is compounded over years of work without adequate protective gear or safety measures. Similarly, regular inhalation of sulfur-containing gases, like hydrogen sulfide, can lead to a range of serious respiratory issues, including chronic bronchitis, and more severe conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or pulmonary edema.

The risk of injury or illness is not limited to exposure during daily operations but is also significant during accidental spills, leaks, or other unplanned release events. Such occurrences drastically heighten the chances of contact with concentrated chemicals, thereby multiplying the health risks. These incidents often require an immediate emergency response to contain and mitigate the adverse effects on both workers and the environment. Without effective safety training and proper incident management, workers caught in such hazardous situations might suffer from acute chemical toxicity, leading to immediate and potentially life-threatening health concerns.

Put simply: “Chemical exposure” can be a one-time incident that causes immediate, obvious injuries or a subtle, even invisible threat that inflicts harm over an extended period. Our New Mexico oil field chemical exposure attorneys are ready to investigate both types of scenarios and can work to determine who is at fault.

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Recovering Compensation for Oil Field Chemical Exposure Injuries in New Mexico

Most New Mexico employers, including oil fields, are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and you typically have the right to file a claim and seek workers’ compensation benefits if you are an employee who was injured at work. This includes situations where a work-related exposure may have been “invisible,” with the health consequences accumulating over time. 

Workers’ compensation benefits include coverage of medical expenses as well as a percentage of your lost wages. Getting the benefits you are entitled to is not always easy, however, as your employer or their insurance company are not necessarily looking out for you. They could try to offer less than what you deserve or even deny your claim by suggesting your injuries are not work-related, especially if you sustained long-term health effects that may seem difficult to link to your workplace. 

You do not have to navigate New Mexico’s workers’ compensation system alone when you suffer chemical exposure injuries. Our team at Simon Perdue can assist with every element of your claim, including appeals, and will push until we secure a fair result.

In some cases, an oil field chemical exposure event may be caused by a third party’s negligence. A third party refers to a person or organization other than your employer or a co-worker. In these scenarios, you may have the right to bring a personal injury claim against the negligent third party and seek damages. Our New Mexico oil field chemical exposure attorneys can fight to hold the responsible party accountable and recover just compensation, including non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering and disfigurement) not covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

We are relentless litigators who always prepare cases to go to trial. You can count on our team to do everything possible to deliver maximum compensation. 

You have limited time to take legal action after suffering work-related chemical exposure injuries, so do not wait to call (505) 588-5962 or contact us online to start discussing your legal options!

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Common Oil Field Chemical Exposure Injuries

Many injuries and health conditions stemming from dangerous chemical exposure are catastrophic in nature, meaning they are irreversible and transform how victims must live their lives. In some cases, the injuries or health complications may be so severe that workers are unable to return to their jobs, a burden compounded by the huge medical costs that come with treatment, rehabilitation, and assistive services. These realities highlight why it is in your best interest to promptly hire legal representation after suffering injuries that may be linked to chemical exposure at work. 

Our New Mexico oil field chemical exposure lawyers are prepared to fight for you in cases involving:

  • Chemical burns. Direct skin contact with corrosive chemicals, such as those found in drilling fluids or industrial cleaning solutions, can lead to chemical burns, which may cause severe skin damage and require immediate medical treatment.
  • Respiratory irritation and damage. Inhalation of toxic fumes from VOCs or sulfur-containing gases can cause various degrees of respiratory distress, from temporary irritation and difficulty breathing to chronic conditions like bronchitis or even chemical pneumonia.
  • Cancer. Prolonged contact with carcinogenic hydrocarbons present in crude oil has been associated with an increased risk of developing cancers like leukemia and skin cancer, particularly when protective measures are lacking.
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